Lemon #19


Are you ready for a new season of Lemon Magazine?

In this issue, we bring you stories of fearless and inspiring families who live life on their own terms.

Don’t miss this issue of Lemon Magazine, where we celebrate the magic of family, nature, and empowerment!

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You’ll meet Maddison Cate, a van life mama who shares her sustainable living tips, nature connection, and empowering journey.
You’ll discover the power and beauty of natural deliveries, unveiling stories of fearless mamas choosing drug-free childbirth.
You’ll join Josh Kramer, a traveling yoga teacher with a deep bond with his daughter, Koa.
You’ll learn how Fredrika Syren and her family reduced plastic usage and embraced a zero-waste lifestyle.
You’ll find joy in raw and wild motherhood with Sarah, a stay-at-home mom of three daughters who lives close to nature.
You’ll explore forest school, a unique learning experience that immerses children in nature and encourages independent exploration.
You’ll be inspired by Ridhima Pandey, a 15-year-old climate activist from India, fighting against climate change and advocating for child rights.
You’ll admire Reshma, “The Queen of Upcycling,” a passionate army wife and mother known for reusing and repurposing to create a warm and inviting home.
You’ll embrace the wonders of autumn with your children by incorporating nutritious foods and herbs into their meals.
You’ll discover how Candice Tay, a busy mum with a passion for sustainability, embraces a capsule wardrobe.
You’ll join Amanda Jo on her journey towards a healthier beauty routine as she swaps toxic products for clean alternatives.
And don’t forget to check out our adorable animal influencers who will make you smile with their cuteness.

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