Barn 8


Two auditors for the US egg industry go rogue and conceive a plot to steal a million chickens in the middle of the night – an entire egg farm’s worth of animals. Janey and Cleveland – a spirited former runaway and the officious head of audits – assemble a precarious, quarrelsome team and descend on the farm on a dark spring evening. A series of catastrophes ensues. Deb Olin Unferth’s wildly inventive but utterly plausible novel is a heist story of a very unusual sort. Swirling with a rich array of voices, ‘Barn 8’ takes readers into the minds of these renegades: a farmer’s daughter, a former director of undercover investigations, hundreds of activists, a forest ranger who suddenly comes upon forty thousand hens, and a security guard who is left on an empty farm for years.

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One disaffectedadministrator, one disenchanted teenager, four hundred and twenty-one veganextremists, sixty trucks, and nine hundred thousand grumpy layer hens awaitingliberation. In barns. Six barns. No, wait, seven. No, wait …  Two auditors for the US egg industry conceive a plotto liberate an entire egg farm’s worth of animals, with catastrophic results.This wildly inventive but utterly plausible novel about a heist of a veryunusual kind swirls with a rich array of voices: a farmer’s daughter, hundredsof activists, a forest ranger who stumbles upon forty thousand hens, and asecurity guard abandoned for years on a farm. We glimpse the evolution ofchickens twenty thousand years from now. We hear what hens think happens whenthey die. And at the heart of this more-than-plucky novel liesthe question: what constitutes meaningful action in a world so in need ofchange? With towering ingenuity, eviscerating wit, and unflappable passion,Barn 8 is a true rare breed, a comic-political drama, and a tour de forcefor our time. ‘A novel like no other: An urgent moral fantasia, a post-human parable, a tender portrait of animal dignity and genius.’ Dana Spiotta ‘Deb Olin Unferth’s hilarious genius is on dazzling display in this novel. Come for the brilliant insights about our faltering civilisation. Stay for the revolutionaries and the chickens.’ Jenny Offill

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