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Is there just one ‘you’? We’ve been taught to believe we have a single identity, and to feel fear or shame when we can’t control the inner voices that don’t match the ideal of who we think we should be. Yet Dr. Richard Schwartz’s research now challenges this ‘mono-mind’ theory. ‘All of us are born with many sub-minds-or parts’, says Dr. Schwartz. ‘These parts are not imaginary or symbolic. They are individuals who exist as an internal family within us – and the key to health and happiness is to honour, understand, and love every part.’

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‘Innovative and transformational’ – Gabor Maté
‘Changed my life’ – Rangan Chatterjee

The empowering new way to discover your multifaceted mind.

Do you long to break free from a stuck part of you – the inner critic, ‘monkey mind’, a bad habit or an addiction? What if there was a way to approach those aspects of you, to free you from the constant inner struggle and find true healing?

In this groundbreaking international bestseller, Dr Richard Schwartz reveals that we are each born with an ‘internal family’ of distinct parts within us. Some of our parts can become trapped in destructive patterns, but learning to relate to each of them with curiosity, respect and empathy can vastly expand our capacity to heal.

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) model will help you challenge the destructive behaviour of these parts, turn the ego, the inner critic and the saboteur into powerful allies, and allow you to return to a more whole and harmonious ‘Self’.

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