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blume is a photography platform focusing on the relationship between people, place and space. We publish an annual collaborative portfolio in print and online, featuring authentic visual storytelling and bold editorial curation.

Each edition is hand stamped and limited to a small-batch run, combining considered narrative photography with timeless print collectability. We emphasise collaborative autonomy and editorial agency when publishing international contemporary photography.

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Building on the desire for more collaborative autonomy within the visual arts‭, ‬it remains important to us to give photographers an opportunity to contribute to the editing and publishing of their work‭. ‬This process of close communication allows for productive and unexpected conversations‭, ‬which we feel leads to‭ ‬thoughtful and stimulating edits‭. ‬For this issue‭, ‬we sought to curate a series of projects that simultaneously uncover and examine the relationship between people‭, ‬place and space in a global context‭. ‬We have chosen photographers with a personal connection to their projects‭, ‬because we believe this strengthens authorship and reinforces authentic visual storytelling‭.‬


Throughout the editorial process‭, ‬another aim has been to portray the diverse local-global state of our world‭. ‬We find that featuring different styles and methodologies‭, ‬together‭, ‬works to accentuate the common threads found throughout everyday life‭. ‬This‭ ‬approach reveals a spectrum of perspectives‭, ‬while also highlighting interrelated narratives in both purposeful and unanticipated ways‭. ‬It is through this process that we hope to contribute to an enhanced collective understanding of our chaotic‭, ‬ever-changing world‭.‬

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