The Modernist #35: Journey

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Consider this an idyll to escape into for just a moment. We hope you enjoy it.

When this issue was commissioned, the full extent of Covid-19 hadn’t yet hit the UK so the majority of us were living our lives as normal, blissfully unaware of quite how significantly things were about to change. By the time the March deadline given to contributors had come round, however, the non-key workers amongst us were already staying at home under lockdown, in isolation from one another and cut off from life as we knew it. Suddenly, the only type of journey most of us were making came in the form of one to the local supermarket, or within a couple miles’ radius of our homes under the guise of ‘daily exercise’. In the weeks since, our horizons have shrunk significantly, and the very act of journeying anywhere beyond our borders already feels surreal. One day, we say, but we still don’t know when that day will come.



SOLACE IN DOLOS Vinca Power // WAITING IN COVENTRY & PRESTON Lauren Velvick // BON VOYAGE Sarah Howard // THE WAY TO SAN JOSE Sarah Feeney // THE CROSSING AT KYLESKU Nicholas Nilsen // BAT OUT OF HELL Peter Wyeth // A PRIVATE ROOM ON WHEELS Kate Schneider // ROADS Helen Angell & Richard Davis // KRAFTWERK: ROAD & RAIL Matt Retallick // ‘A LONG LOOK’: HENRY IDDON’S FORTON STORIES David Cooper // REMEMBER LLANDUDNO James Wise // ON LEE CIRCLE MAGIC Mark Banks

(Published June 2020)