Sol Cup 8oz

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  • £19.00

Takeaway cups = bad…. But you knew that already. But maybe you didn't consider glass as a reusable alternative? Unlike plastic reusable cups glass is far less permeable and so doesn't ever become tainted with the taste, smell or germs of whatever you put in it - even a turmeric latte will leave no trace... now that's just magic! Plus glass is made from sand, not oil! SoL glass is also extremely durable, containing a high percentage of borosilicate, making it strong, lightweight and 100% chemical free, as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe. YES, YOU CAN PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER!!!! Praise be! Each glass has a matching silicone sleeve and lid (BPA free). It feels lovely, keeps your fingers cool and your drink hot plus look at those colours!

Comes packaged in gorgeous gift boxes 12oz is the middle size, it holds 354ml which is the standard "medium", "regular" or "tall" in most coffee shops