Re-edition: the title already perfectly captures the spirit of the whole magazine, which harmoniously combines rarely seen archive gems with newly produced images by some of today’s most intriguing talents. You’ll find, for instance, a reprint of the original Vivienne Westwood feature from 1987’s »The Face«, a true jewel that has lost nothing of its relevance, next to images by young rising fashion photographers: an incredibly interesting juxtaposition of old and new revealing the influential relationship between past, present and future.

Text is limited in Re-edition and there’s a clear focus on pure photography resulting in a graphic design that gives the images room to breathe and thus offers a superb visual experience. The overall aesthetic feels restrained and muted in a way, withdrawn even, and has a contemplative stillness to it that is hard to find in today’s glittery fashion world. The showcased shoots and portfolios are poetic, nostalgic, raw and fresh all at the same time. But as varied as they may be, they all have one thing in common: authenticity. It is obvious here that there isn’t an ad agency behind it all trying to make sure the logos are clearly visible.

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