Nutmeg #15

Football and my friend, the neo-Nazi

Amid the Cold War, we were united by the beautiful game. Then, when the Berlin Wall finally fell, Martin’s chosen path was the antithesis of the values which drove him before East Germany’s liberation.

By Colin McPherson

Working for the Yankee dollar?

US cash is going into some of Scotland’s most famous clubs, bringing the prospect of renewed success after years of mediocrity. Only time will tell if these are good moves.

By Maurice Smith

Fan ownership is the real deal

Supporters are increasingly taking more control of the clubs they love. Far from being out of their depth, they can be a beacon for sustainability.

By Alan Russell

The heart and soul of Street Soccer

David Duke came through a tough upbringing to set up the team that has helped thousands of disadvantaged people across Scotland. This spring it is launching in London.

By Heather McKinlay

Artificial Field of dreamers

Why do weekly five or seven-a-side games mean so much to so many of us? And is scoring a goal at fives at the age of 60 better than sex?

By David F. Ross

Poets F.C

Football poetry is on the increase, as readers of Nutmeg will be only too aware. In 2016, West Ham United manager Slaven Bilic intimated that he would need to “get poetry lessons” to describe the importance of the Hammers’ midfielder Dimitri Payet in his team. Consider the lesson begun.

By Stephen Watt

The Caulker Conundrum

Scotland’s never-ending search for talent creates a peculiar situation where the national team can benefit from players failing to fulfil their potential.

By Gordon Cairns

Vegan diet? I’m lovin’ it

The days of stopping off for a McDonald’s on the way home from training are fast disappearing even in the lower leagues, says the East Fife winger.

By Danny Denholm

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