Invisible Republic Vol 3

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The Hugo award finalist continues! Jump into this fast-paced poli-sci-fithriller and see why critics call INVISIBLE REPUBLIC "smart" and "fantasticallysordid."When idealism becomes brutality, it's hard to pick a side. Noone knows this better than Maia, but is she willing to give up her dreams forthe sake of security?Collects INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #11-15MaiaReveron was erased from history, but now she's back to correct the oversight,even if it means civil insurrection. Creators Gabriel Hardman (Hulk, Kinski,storyboard artist of Inception and Interstellar) and Corinna Bechko (Miss Fury,Heathentown, Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen) return to Invisible Republic as anunjust war threatens Maia's family, forcing her into an impossible choice.

Meanwhile, Croger Babb seeks to discover if the pen really is mightier than anarmored assault vehicle. Can a small band of the dispossessed fight the longreach of Earth? Can one woman really change history? Worlds collide in the thirdvolume of this critically acclaimed series!