Interview #533

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Nicolas Cage needs to work, but not necessarily for the reasons you and I need to work. At 56, the owner of one of the most eclectic filmographies in Hollywood history just can’t seem to slow down. And while his days at the top of the box office largely behind him—he was once one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, earning $40 million in 2009— speculation about his career choices persist: Is he paying off debts? Is he supporting his taste for rare artifacts? Is he just bored? As he tells his friend, the musician Marilyn Manson, in the cover story for our new Fall 2020 issue, the answer is as complicated as it is simple. Meanwhile, the inscrutable, avant-garde musician Arca contains so many multitudes that instead of one interview, they had three: with the artist Marina Abramović, the actor Oscar Isaac, and the pop supernova Rosalía. The screen legend Jane Fonda tells the actor and activist Indya Moore why climate change is a battle she thinks we can win, and the designer Rick Owens and Miley Cyrus trade road stories and UFO sightings. Ahead of the election, two of the most trusted voices in America, Charlamagne tha God and Stephen Colbert, have a candid discussion about where we are right now. Meanwhile, the acerbic acting icons Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland enjoy a perfectly dreadful conversation about the pain and the pleasure about what they do.