Disegno #28

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Disegno #28 includes:

A discussion of the reverse-gentrification of Dumbo, hosted by Malika Leiper and Stephen Burks; an essay on the public communications surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out; an interview with Omer Arbel exploring his alchemy with copper and glass; a report into the future of the television set, featuring Erwan Bouroullec, Yves Béhar, and Carole Baijings; Beirut captured pre- and post-explosion by photographer Myriam Boulos; reflections on the interface design of online bookstores, from Amazon to Bookshop.org; a peek into Rimowa’s archives prompting dreams of travel in the time of Covid; a look, with Yair Neuman, at the hidden waste stream of dummy lenses in the glasses industry; and a roundtable in which friends, students, and collaborators remember the great Italian designer and thinker Enzo Mari.