Conversations on Love: with Philippa Perry, Dolly Alderton, Roxane Gay, Stephen Grosz, Esther Perel, and many more by Natasha Lunn

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After years of feeling that love was always out of reach, journalist Natasha Lunn set out to understand how relationships work and evolve over a lifetime. She turned to authors and experts to learn about their experiences, as well as drawing on her own, asking: How do we find love? How do we sustain it? And how do we survive when we lose it? In Conversations on Love, she began to find the answers: Philippa Perry on falling in love slowly; Dolly Alderton on vulnerability; Stephen Grosz on accepting change; Candice Carty-Williams on friendship; Lisa Taddeo on the loneliness of loss; Diana Evans on parenthood; Emily Nagoski on the science of sex; Alain de Botton on the psychology of being alone; Esther Perel on unrealistic expectations; Roxane Gay on redefining romance and many more...

Conversations on Love is a glorious celebration of human vulnerability and connection.