BranD #47

Human’s curiosity for future is an eternal theme. The never-ending exploration in every field, like from photosource to three-primary colors, from a musical note to a melody, from symmetry to asymmetry, from earth to moon, brings us closer to the future. And what does future mean? With repeated observation, I find what decides the future in countless things that happen repeatedly here and now. Therefore, it is better to discover what is enduringly unchangeable rather than explore what will be replaced and what will be popular. These unchanging things embody profound philosophy, rich history and moving stories, which are the most valuable cultural symbols to human.

2020 is approaching. Science and technology, community and education are changing people’s lifestyles. And design continues to try solving human’s problems in life. BranD is not going to make any design predictions in this issue, but to observe the classic elements or symbols which will be used repeatedly in future design.

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