Avaunt #8

Avaunt invites the reader to escape the urban grind, featuring extraordinary people and reports that go beyond the radar of the mainstream press. It’s for those with a thirst for the unusual, whether they want to find out about the world’s most remote and inaccessible places, learn about the latest discoveries in science and technology, or simply satisfy a restless imagination.

Grime & Punishment: Russia’s Rappers vs Putin / Fishing Camels of the Aral Sea / Pyrogeography / Restoring Niemeyer’s Abandoned Lebanese Fairground / Sapeurs / The Anatomy of an Antarctic Explorer / Off-Grid Pods / Modern Treasure Hunters / Solar Farms of the Mojave Desert / Michael Ignatieff and the Battle for European Democracy / The Brocken Spectre / Mezcal: The Soul of Oaxaca / Women in Counter-Terrorism / Tadao Ando’s Chichu Art Museum / Mirrorlands: A Journey Along the Chinese-Russian Border, and much more.

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