Granta #157: Should We Have Stayed at Home? : New Travel Writing

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From Antarctica and the deserts of the US-Mexico border, to a Siberian whale-killing station and the alleyways of Taipei, these dispatches describe a world in perpetual motion (even when it is 'locked-down'). To travel, we are reminded, is to embrace the experience of being a stranger - to acknowledge that one person''s frontier is another's home.

Granta 157 is guest-edited by award-winning travel writer William Atkins. It features:

Jason Allen-Paisant remembers the trees of his childhood Jamaica from his home in Leeds

Carlos Manuel ,lvarez navigates Cuba's customs system, translated by Frank Wynne

Eliane Brum travels from her home in the Brazilian Amazon to Antarctica in the era of climate crisis, translated by Diane Grosklaus Whitty

Francisco Cant, and Javier Zamora: a former border guard travels to the US-Mexico border with a former undocumented migrant who crossed the border as a child

Jennifer Croft's richly illustrated essay on postcards and graffiti, inspired by Los Angeles

Bathsheba Demuth visits a whale-hunting station on the Bering Strait, Russia

Sin,ad Gleeson visits Brazil with Clarice Lispector

Kate Harris with the Tlingit people of the Taku River basin, on the border of British Columbia and Alaska

Artist Roni Horn on Iceland

Emmanuel Iduma returns to Lagos in his late father's footsteps, Nigeria

Kapka Kassabova among the gatherers of the ancient Mesta River, Bulgaria

Taran Khan with Afghan migrants in Germany and Kabul

Jessica J.

Lee in the alleyways of Taipei, Taiwan, in search of her mother's home

Ben Mauk among the volcanoes of Duterte's Philippines

Pascale Petit tracks tigers in Paris and India

Photographer James Tylor on the legacy of whaling in Indigenous South Australia, introduced by Dominic Guerrera